Disgraced Roy Moore suing his sexual assault accusers for 'political conspiracy'

Let's send thoughts and prayers to disgraced accused pedophile Roy Moore. That should help. HA!

Roy Moore, the man accused of sexual assault by nine different women and loser of the Alabama Senate race, has recently crawled out of his hole to file a lawsuit against three of his victims. The suit, filed jointly with his wife, claims that his accusers were part of a political conspiracy against him.

Moore is suing for damages with interest, court costs, and punitive damages “in an amount that will adequately reflect the enormity of the defendants’ wrongful, outrageous acts.” The complaint also mentions that since those allegations went public, Moore and his family have suffered socially, professionally, and financially.

However, good old Roy isn’t doing it for the money, he filed this suit because “the people of Alabama deserve to know the truth.” Yep. All that suing is for the greater good, y'all! He just wants to uncover the “political conspiracy to destroy his personal reputation.”

How do the women involved in the case feel about Moore’s lawsuit? Well, according to a spokesperson for Tina Johnson, they don’t really care:

“Ms. Johnson stands by and reaffirms the truthfulness of every statement she has made about the sexual assault she suffered from the hands of Mr. Moore. He has lost any power of intimidation he once held.”

Moore should crawl back into obscurity where he belongs.

Read more about the Moore’s whining, “Roy Moore files complaints claiming 'political conspiracy' targeted his Senate run” written by Paul Gattis and posted by AL on April 30, 2018.