Deplorables erect billboard threatening to shoot liberals if Trump is impeached

Will Trump’s impeachment lead to civil war? Deplorables in Calvert County, Maryland think so.

A billboard threatening liberals in Calvert County, Maryland will be coming down this week. According to Sheriff Mike Evans, the sign doesn’t actually break any laws, but will come down due to the number of complaints received about it.

The sign, which states, “Hey liberals, better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump. From all of your deplorables in Calvert County,” will be taken down voluntarily by its owner. Evans says the billboard owner decided to take it down after hearing about the numerous complaints.

“Some people are quite upset, and maybe you should change your message or think about taking it down,” said Evans.

The Sheriff is up for re-election, and he has mentioned that he plans to use the billboard as part of his campaign promotion. When asked if he would choose a new message for the board, Evans responded, “I’m a Republican and I stand by Republican values.”

I guess Calvert County will just have to wait and see if “Republican values” include threatening gun violence on your opposing party.

Read more about the billboard, “Billboard warning 'liberals' over Trump impeachment efforts to come down” Written by Jacqueline Thomsen and posted by The Hill on May 9, 2018