Democrats can use the critical net neutrality issue to win millennials

How do you get apathetic millennials to care about political issues? Mess with their internet access.

One of the critical things Democrats should have learned during the presidential election last year is that we need millennials in order to win. Thankfully, some liberal leaders seem to have gotten the message. But how do you get a generation who has grown up with immediate access to all of the instant gratification the world wide web has to offer to pay attention? The issue of net neutrality just might be a way into their hearts and minds.

According to FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel, who is also a Democrat, "The American public is angry" about President Donald Trump appointee Ajit Pai's decision to end net neutrality, thus opening up the flood gates of corporate greed into our online lives. So incensed, in fact, that Rosenworcel claims the actions could have "awoken a giant." And that giant might just be comprised of a demographic that should not be ignored: millennials.

How can Democrats use this to their advantage though? Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) is making a plea to them personally, tweeting, "young people need to take the lead on net neutrality. It's possible for Millennial political leadership to make a real difference here."

Democratic strategist Jesse Ferguson thinks it's possible to sway younger generations over to the liberal side using this as a key issue. "Net neutrality is the latest data point for voters that the administration is more interested in doing what big companies want them to do, than what people think is in their interest. That's a narrative that is politically toxic for Republicans."

We certainly hope so.

To find out more about how Democrats can use net neutrality to swing millennials in our favor, read "Republicans may have 'awoken a sleeping giant' by repealing net neutrality" written by David Shepardson and Ginger Gibson and published by Business Insider on December 15, 2017.