David Hogg on Oliver North's Ritalin remarks: YOU helped bring cocaine to U.S.

Teen activist David Hogg isn’t playing. This Tweet was BRUTAL! Brutally honest, that is.

Oliver North, NRA president, made some pretty controversial remarks about Ritalin use by young boys being to blame for the rash of school shootings in recent years. However, teen activist and Parkland survivor, David Hogg, had something to say about the attempt to place blame where it doesn’t belong.

North claims that “the disease, in this case, isn’t the Second Amendment, the disease is youngsters who are steeped in a culture of violence,” teens who he claims have “been drugged.”

Hogg responded with this brutal Tweet:

Hogg is referring to NRA president’s connection with the Contras, a guerrilla military force from Nicaragua, back when North was an active-duty Marine. At that time, North not only knew about the Contras’ drug trafficking, but he also helped shield a trafficker from U.S. law enforcement agencies. He was so entrenched in the scene, that he was even banned from entering Costa Rica, a country bordering with Nicaragua.

Likely, it was North’s past criminal activity with cocaine cartels that stoked Hogg’s ire, that and the fact that the NRA constantly tries to shove the blame from where it belongs.

Read more about Hogg’s comments, “David Hogg Blasts Oliver North’s Ritalin Remarks By Accusing NRA Head of Helping Bring in Cocaine to US in 80’s” written by Tamar Auber and posted by Mediaite on May 20, 2018