Conservative journalist: Trump's GOP is a caricature, immoral and anti-American

The Republican party has become a joke to the more rational conservatives watching the GOP consume itself.

Just a few short hours after he announced he would not be running for reelection, Paul Ryan attended a dinner at the White House with the rest of the GOP congressional leadership. The happy group posed for a picture with Trump, all smiles around the table thumb’s up. When Trump later tweeted the photo, he likely thought it was a show of solidarity to dissuade people of the notion the Republican Party is collapsing.

When Jennifer Rubin, the journalist responsible for the “Right Turn” blog at the Washington Post, saw the photo, however, she had an entirely different take on the scene depicted. She saw a photo proving the Republican Party, “has become the caricature the left always said it was--the party of old white men. And that has become more so in the age of Donald Trump, when e is actively courting and stoking white resentment.”

Since 2010, Rubin has been the conservative counterpart to the Washington Post’s liberal blogger, Greg Sargent. However, Rubin never did jump on the Trump train and has been a harsh critic of the administration. She has not held back from pointing out the fact that Trump is an “arrogant fool” and even a “flat-out racist.” Due to her stance, she has become the voice for conservatives that don’t jive with the Trump presidency or the dark path the GOP has taken since.

Rubin complains that Trump has changed what it means to be conservative. Before, conservative meant a belief in American exceptionalism, moral leadership of the world, promoting a free market and being fiscally conservative. She says, “fiscal conservatism, which now is a hoot. Conservatism, as opposed to Republicanism--and I think that’s an important distinction--was really about a temperament as much as a substantive list of issues. There was a certain modesty in approaching government...a certain humility about governance and a reliance on the structures of the Constitution to keep central government from getting to be too powerful.”

Rubin claims the Republican party “left her,” and she even penned a “break up letter to the GOP” after Trump won the presidential nomination. She also feels betrayed by Ryan and the other party members that supported the Trump administration:

“Republicans have permanently eliminated themselves from credibility to govern. You can’t be willing to sacrifice core American values for the sake of a tax cut and be deemed to be worthy of trust going forward.”

The journalist has seen her fair share of hate mail and comments from disgruntled readers that don’t agree with her current stance on the party. She was even party to a bit of cyberbullying from Trump himself when he tweeted about her being“highly untalented,” “a real dummy” and having a “low IQ.”

However, Rubin says she is not going back, and hopes that a new party will arise from the ashes of the GOP as it burns itself out on the orange flames burning through the White House.

Read more about the joke that is the Republican party, “The GOP ‘Has Become the Caricature the Left Always Said It Was’ written by Edward-Isaac Dovere posted by Politico on April 17, 2018.