Company that paid Cohen $500K also purchased multiple white supremacist domains

An investment company with ties to Russia bought Nazi related domains, then dropped money into an account tied to Trump.

To keep the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels on the down-low, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen created an LLC called Essential Consultants. However, the accounts tied to the company have seen a little more action than just a one time payment to the porn star.

One of the more curious transactions is a $500,000 payment for unknown services by Columbus Nova. The investment company has ties to Russia (which they are busy attempting to scrub from their mentions) and also has ties to white nationalism. That is like the perfect trifecta: Trump, Russia, White Supremacists.

Apparently, in 2016 and 2017, Columbus Nove bought a bunch of domains like,, and All of the sites remained unused at this time, and it isn’t clear why the investment company purchased the domains.

It does make for some interesting speculation, doesn’t it? What could be going on investment company with ties to Russia buys a bunch of Nazi related domains and drops a ton of money into an account linked to Trump...

Read more about the bizarre domain name buy up, “Company that paid Trump lawyer $500,000 also bought up a host of white nationalist website names” written by Hunter and posted by Daily Kos on May 9, 2018 and "Alt-right web domain names registered to company that paid Cohen" written by Curt Devine and Jose Pagliery for CNN on May 10, 2018.