Close Trump aide abruptly fired over financial crimes investigation

He was reportedly escorted from the White House yesterday amid security clearance concerns.

John McEntee, a longtime personal aid to Trump, was abruptly fired from the White House and escorted out. He was quickly given a top job in the Trump campaign, despite the serious reasons for his firing.

The original information about McEntee having security clearance problems has evolved. Seems the Department of Homeland Security is investigating him for “serious financial crimes.” Of note, these crimes are not related to Trump, the guy who hires only the best people.

McEntee served as Trump’s “body man,” alongside his bodyguard, meaning he was always near Trump’s side. He was part of his inner circle with unfettered access, one of the few employees who didn’t have his access to Trump limited when John Kelly was hired. McEntee traveled with Trump and was even scheduled to accompany Trump to California today. White House staff were shocked by his firing.

Curiouser and curiouser.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more about McEntee’s dismissal, read "Longtime Trump aide fired over financial crime investigation" written by Kaitlan Collins, Jeremy Diamond and Jeff Zeleny for CNN on March 13, 2018.