Chronic adulterer Donald Trump is pushing a national 'abstinence only' agenda

Unbelievably, this is not The Onion.

The Trump administration is all about abstinence-only education, and they are pushing it harder than America has ever seen before which is really strange considering Trump had a child with his mistress while still married to his first wife and had an affair with a porn-star while married to his third wife.

However, Trump’s adulterous tendencies aside, the current Department of Health and Human services is slyly pushing some ideological based, anti-science agendas. The department has ended grants to teen pregnancy prevention programs and added funding for abstinence-only education programs. Despite the fact that teaching teens about contraception has drastically lowered teen pregnancy rates, and abstinence-only education models have been proven ineffective.

Donald “Grab Them by the P*ssy” Trump has an administration that wants teens and adults to “just say no” to sex. In fact, it is working to move funds from Title X family planning programs that help poorer women obtain birth control to programs that teach abstinence outside of marriage.

The current administration isn’t just pushing this puritan approach in the U.S., they were also trying to preach the same nonsense at a recent closed-door United Nations meeting. At the meeting, even the leaders from traditionally conservative Islamic countries thought the U.S. approach was too preoccupied with abstinence.

Not only is it ridiculous that a man who has spent years bragging about his sexual conquests would push an abstinence agenda, but it is also goes against the recommendations of public health experts who recommend comprehensive sexual education.

Read more about the absurd agenda here, “The New Era of Abstinence” posted by The New York Times Editorial Board on May 5, 2018