China Creates AI Copywriter That Can Spit Out 20,000 Lines per Second

The cool part is all that bot writing is indistinguishable from human-created copywriting.

Alimama, the digital marketing segment of Alibaba, just unveiled one of their newest products: the “AI Copywriter.” The artificial intelligence copywriter can produce 20k lines per second, and it has passed the Turing Test which means the bots writing skills are indistinguishable from the writing skills of a human.

The AI is a tool that can be used to write the product page info on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms, Tmall and Taobao. Users simply click a link to have the AI populate copy ideas for the product descriptions, the bot can even write in different tones. Alimama hopes the AI will “significantly” change the way copywriters work allowing them to choose “the best out of many machine-generated options, largely improving efficiency.”

​Alimama’s copywriting tool isn’t the first AI to be used within the company. They have also developed AI-powered editing tools for creating short videos and graphic design tools for resizing banners.

In fact, China has been expanding the use of AI to improve efficiency across many sectors like analyzing data to create labels for product packaging or improve traffic flow. Some companies are developing AI to help with medical questions or even with diagnosing illnesses.

Read more about the writing bot, “Alibaba’s AI copywriter can produce up to 20,000 lines of copy a second, passes Turing test written by Zen Soo and posted by South China Morning Post on July 4, 2018