CA Lt Governor tells NRA to shove their bloody endorsement in scathing response

California Lt Governor Gavin Newsom is hate-tweeting the NRA -- and it is a thing of beauty.

The NRA just loves handing out its little ratings to politicians which is great for voters because then we know exactly which ones are bought and paid for with NRA blood money. Some politicians are super proud of their A rating and flash it like a badge of courage, but others are just as proud to receive an F rating.

Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California, is firmly in the F-rated camp, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Just to make sure the NRA was also aware, Newsom tweeted this, a most awesome response:

“Hi @NRA- Received your questionnaire. Not sure what gave you the impression I would ever WANT your endorsement. Or your money. Look forward to the day you’re swept into the compost bin of history. Until then, receiving my F is an honor.”

And just in case you didn’t love his response enough, he signed it “Your California Snowflake.”