BUT HER EMAILS! There is no verification system for outgoing email in Trump's WH

Behold the incompetence after all of the hullabaloo over Hillary's private server.

No matter what Trump says or does, from nuclear saber rattling to blatant profiteering from the Presidency, all we hear is “But her emails.” The conservative obsession with Hillary Clinton’s server knows no end. Meanwhile multiple violations of email protocol from Trump’s White House keep surfacing, from Kushner’s use of his private email to conduct official business, to this weeks revelation that outgoing executive branch emails can easily be hoaxed. PS The White House has ignored a deadline to fix this. BUT. HER. EMAILS.

While Fox and Hannity paint their loyal fans a sinister picture of evil Hillary and her email servers in dark moldy basements, the White House has done the same thing. Kushner used private emails for official White House business, and now they are just ignoring basic email security protocol. In October, The Department of Homeland Security found a problematic security hole. Outgoing White House emails could be easily forged, shenanigans which could cause reporters to run with planted stories, smear politicians with fake statements and worse.

Homeland Security gave 90 days to put a verification system in place for outgoing email that would correct this breach. This week Global Cyber Alliance tested the Trump admins emails and found 18 of Trumps 26 Executive Office of the President domains are still not safe. BUT. HER. EMAILS.

Emails. Her emails. When it comes to tech Hillary was stuck in her ways and liked using a Blackberry. A model so old it linked to her private email server because it was too ancient to connect to the State Department. In fact, it’s something Colon Powell did himself and suggested was absolutely no problem.

The Trump administration’s sloppy and cavalier tech policy is just way more offensive simply because they’ve made such a huge point of focusing on Hillary’s email security. Maybe the White House needs tech help. Maybe we need to recruit more nerds. Maybe we can appeal to their patriotism to lure them away from high paying private sector work. Still, now, even when they gave good tech advice Trump won’t take it, especially if the advice came from some “elitists coastal” techie.


By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read, "Outgoing White House emails not protected by verification system" written by Joe Uchill for Axios on April 4, 2018.