Brilliant. Articulates what we've all been seeing but haven't perfectly nailed until now. From a former Republican

"It is easy to use delusions to obstruct and destroy. Building something is hard. Building something valuable means thinking about consequences and confronting weaknesses in an ideological framework. Building something invites consequences. Republicans cannot govern because Republicans lack any respect for facts. Tilting at windmills is much easier than constructing them.

This is not a new problem. Ever since the GOP began to absorb waves of southern conservatives fleeing the Democrats’ embrace of civil rights, the party’s hold on reality has been weakening. A white, religious base violently opposed to the faster, freer world of global capitalism has transformed the Republican Party into a bulwark against reality. They are determined to ensure that no government action of any kind will challenge the brittle, manufactured worldview on which their mental security depends."

H/t Felipe Olave

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