Bombs are being sent to black people's homes in Texas killing 2 so far

Something fishy is happening in Austin, but with so much craziness in our politics, this story isn’t on everyone’s radar

Just as thousands of people pour into the city for the SXSW festival, three package bombs were hand delivered to people’s homes. These seemingly benign boxes were taken indoors by unsuspecting residents then exploded, leaving multiple people injured and two dead. Unsuspecting families, all people of color, have been the recipients of these cowardly attacks, but Austin Police Chief Brian Manley can’t yet say if the victims were actually the intended targets. He did conclude evidence shows that the bombings are linked, and said that he will leave “no stone unturned,” and isn’t ruling out race as a motive. NPR reported that two of the victims are from prominent black families who ran in the same social circles.

The measly $15,000 reward being offered by the Texas Governor seems low, no?

So far there is very little information or detail being released, and when there are few facts, imaginations do tend to run wild. Mine is running really really wild on Nor’Easter Cabin Fever. Speaking of Cabins, have you all heard of The Unibomber? Ted Kaczynski lived in a cabin and mailed bombs to people from the late 70’s all the way into the 90’s. He has some very vocal modern fans amongst the alt right. Fun fact, he ultimately only killed three people, so if this modern bomber is indeed a Unibomber fan, they have already achieved peak fandom

So, here’s where I’m going to take you down a rabbit hole if you want to follow me. There is a group called Attomwaffen Division who are obsessed with The Unibomber and they want to start a race war. They love Charles Manson and his friend James Mason whose Siege letters call for lone wolf terror attacks. They are really really mad right now because their secret chat logs were just leaked and their recruiting videos (picture ISIS but for Nazis) have FINALLY been taken down off of YouTube after some high profile murders by Atomwaffen Members.

Member Nikolas Grampa mowed a swastika in his town’s green, then murdered his girlfriend parents. Member Samuel Woodward killed his gay Jewish high school friend. Devon Arthurs claims he murdered his two roommates in order to stop their Atomwaffen terrorist plot. Brandon Russell a member of the national guard and Atomwaffen was arrested after police found explosives in his apartment and determined he was planning to blow up a nuclear power plant.

I’m just sayin. Who knows, but hey ummmm FBI, maybe worth a look?

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more on this, read "There's a Lot of News Right Now. Don't Ignore What's Happening in Texas." written by Charles P. Pierce for Esquire on March 12, 2018.