Armed Trump supporters accost American Indian lawmakers at Capitol

The Arizona Reps were mercilessly harassed and accused of being “illegals” by the armed Trump-supporting mob.

Last Thursday, a group of armed Trump supporters carrying Trump flags accosted Pamela Hannley, an Arizona state Representative. The Trumpers started shouting at Hannley saying she was “protecting illegals” near Phoenix. Representatives Eric Descheenie and Wenona Benally witnessed the incident as they were on their way to lunch.

Benally recalls the event, “Rep. Descheenie stepped in between them and Rep. Hannley, in order to protect her from them. As soon as he did so, it drew the attention of the rest of the Trump protesters. The rest of the Trump protestors quickly walked over to us, surrounding us and aggressively yelling at us about our support for ‘illegals.’ I quickly walked back into the House of Representatives building to call for a security escort.

A security guard came out of the building and proceeded to escort us to the farmer’s market next to the building. The Trump protestors followed behind the security guard and continued to yell at us, until the security guard blocked their entrance into the farmer’s market. They finally left us alone and headed back to the front of the building. Once we were done making our purchases at the farmer’s market, we had to re-enter the back of the building for our safety.”

Benally also said the Trump supporters roamed around the Capitol verbally assaulting and intimidating darker skinned government officials and staffers, as well as school children in attendance meeting with legislative representatives. The experience was very frightening for Benally and the others in the capitol especially because the Trump aggressors were armed.

A policy advisor, Lisette Flores, had a group of the protestors shout at her to leave the country as she and a few other lawmakers walked by. Flores said, “I was born in California. I’m obviously of Mexican descent, so I think in that group I’m the darkest one. Selianna and Dora, they’re light-skinned Latinos. So, I think probably that’s why they pointed at me out of a group of six.”

One of the lawmakers of Navajo descent, Rep. Eric Descheenie, was asked if he was in the country legally as he was attempting to defend a young student from harassment.

The Trump-supporting protestors denied targeting only those with darker skin. It is a tad difficult to believe however, when members of the group are caught on video saying things like ““Those guys are illegal … They do not have any rights here. It is not their time. This is our time. Our nation. Our laws. Our streets.”

Read more about the Arizona incident in “ARMED TRUMP SUPPORTERS CONFRONT AMERICAN INDIAN ARIZONA LAWMAKERS AT STATE CAPITOL” by Levi Rickert posted by Native News Online on January 29, 2018.