Are You a Good Neighbor? Test yourself.

This is Joe. He hangs out near Union Station in Los Angeles, spending his days reading. He used to be in real estate, married, with a house and a car. Somehow that all came to an end, and Joe dropped out. Intelligent and articulate, he talks about rejoining the workforce someday, but it’s not clear if he ever can, or ever will. This image is from a series of portraits of people living on the street in Los Angeles. My goal is to create a hardcover, fine-art photography book aimed at transforming the perception of homeless people from alienation to familiarity.Ed Freeman. MORE:

A detailed guide to showing compassion to all those that live in your neighborhood, even the ones that don't have houses

As an editor for The Street Sheet, Matthew Gerring, was supposed to be an invisible…

RULE #1 : Don't think: "HOMELESS." Think: HOMELESS PEOPLE."