Are Russians Smarter Than Americans? Compare Your Opinion. A Quick Poll.

An interesting answer by one of many Russian immigrants raised in the USA, followed by a quick poll.

by Maria Konstantinova, Born Russian, raised in the States.

I was born in USSR and went to a Soviet school. I left Russia right after the ‘90s. I am currently visiting the motherland and in my opinion, the standards of education and the level of intelligence here are much much lower than they used to be. Maybe it’s because, as someone mentioned earlier, the brightest have left the country (and keep leaving), but the amount of ignorance is astonishing, at least to me. I have both Russian and American diplomas. I’d say that American college system makes higher education more mmm engaging. But then if in Russia it’s common sense to finish high school and then proceed to university, in the States not finishing high school and dropping out of college aren't considered as something tragic.

If measuring intelligence by the ability to question things, explore and innovate, I’d say that both countries are about the same, except that if USA provides the environment supporting innovation, the Russian Federation doesn’t.

People in the States tend to be a lot more gullible. Thanks to historical events and political regimes, being sceptical and untrusting is a natural and praised trait in Russia.

Russians in Russia say that American humor is stupid. I personally think it’s much funnier than Russian.

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And one more answer - by Boris Ezomo, Afro-Russian and proud of it.

There is no country, race or nation that is more intelligent then another.

However the US takes pride at dumbing themselves down.

While in the rest of the world and not just Russia. The most popular kid in school would be the one doing best in class. In the US the football playing kid is the popular one. Been smart is more likely a ticket to been bullied.

That is why an Russian probably knows more about the history and geography of the USA then an American.

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