Archbishop of Canterbury to Christians: why do you support Trump?

The Archbishop of Canterbury wants to know why fundamentalists are supporting President Trump. And so do we.

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, is puzzled as to why fundamentalist Christians in the United States support President Donald Trump. In a recent interview for The Telegraph he admitted that he has no idea how Trump was able to secure so much support from those who identify as religious.

The Archbishop also accused Trump of being a part of a "nationalist, populist or even fascist tradition of politics" and described the President's attitude toward women as "completely unacceptable."

"There's two things going through my mind: do I say what I think, or do I say what I should say?" the Archbishop said in the interview. He continued, "And I'm going to say what I think. No, I don't understand it. I really genuinely do not understand where that is coming from."

Read more of this fascinating interview in the article "Archbishop of Canterbury Baffled by Christian Support for Donald Trump" written by Laura Hughes and published by The Telegraph on November 26, 2017.