Another insane day, but thanks Trent Franks for making it nauseating

And Paul Ryan will be in your kitchen, picking the marshmallows out of your kids’ Lucky Charms ANY day now...

Holy hell, folks. As this blog has documented, shit has been good and thoroughly cray-cray for some time now, and that was when the Man with Phalangeal Stunting could get through a short public speech without slurring his words like a bridesmaid singing Total Eclipse of the Heart at the third karaoke bar of the bachelorette party.

Take a moment to congratulate Littlefinger on getting his wish, and being mentioned in the Time Magazine Person of the Year article, albeit as an accused sexual abuser. With a little creative redaction, I’m sure you can use this to fill those embarrassing blank spaces on your golf club walls, Donnie!

Holy Christ on Toast, Mike Flynn is in TRUBBLE. Elijah Cummings released info from a whistleblower about how Flynn was super eager to move on sanctions against Russia LIKE A BITCH so he and his corrupt buddies could make enough money to feel like Martin Scorsese characters, in the middle of the movie, before the helicopters come.

Friends, between this and the Let’s Kidnap a Turkish Dissenter for Fun and Profit scheme, we know so damn much about Mike Flynn’s crimes that I get positively HORNY thinking about what he must’ve given Bob Mueller to plea down to a mere lying to the FBI charge.

Over in the House, Gowdy Doody declined to investigate any issues arising from Cummings’ whistleblower info, on the grounds that he didn’t see a way to damage any potential Democratic Presidential candidacy.

Paul Ryan doesn’t even have a final tax bill yet, and he’s already drooling all over his suit at the thought of cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Come January, he’ll be in your kitchen, picking the marshmallows out of your kids’ Lucky Charms.


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