An open letter to 'Christians' who have 'torched their credibility' for Trump

Jesus Christ would not be part of the Cult of Trump, so why are his supposed followers?

David French, a senior writer at The National Review, recently wrote a strongly worded open letter to Christians and evangelicals who blindly support Trump.

French starts by defining what he thinks (and possibly the bible says) is the “primary purpose” of a Christian: “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.” French also points out a few things that are not a Christian’s primary purpose, and they include defending one’s on religious liberty, fighting abortion, and protecting a Christian education.

After the explanations, French starts pointing a few fingers at the current hypocrisy within the Evangelical community. He calls out (well, not by name) those so-called Christians that are justifying sinful behavior in exchange for “political influence.” He scoffs at the politicians and religious leaders that “go on television and say things they do not believe to protect” the Trump administration:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

French points out that those holier-than-thou leaders and politicians are praising the worth of a man that “paid hush money to a porn star” and has “more than a dozen women” accusing him of sexual assault or harassment. They are propping up a man that has “been caught lying, repeatedly and regularly.”

“It’s a sin,” says French. A sin that caused millions of American to “despise” Christians because they “have torched their credibility and exposed immense hypocrisy through fear, faithlessness, and ambition.”

French asks his fellow Christians a simple question, after Trump is done and gone, will the “wreckage of your own reputation” be “worth it?” For French, the answer is clear: “It’s not, and it never was.”

Read the entire letter here, “An Open Letter to Trump’s Evangelical Defenders“ written by David French and posted by National Review on May 3, 2018.

No. 1-2

It's so very amusing how people simply won't read. Christianity is a Roman Age invention. It is pure religious mythology that was invented as a POLITICAL ploy by the Romans. Its relevance to our secular civilization is ZERO. It isn't for us. It was never designed with us in mind. It has nothing to do with our country, our culture or our society. It was invented before there was this thing called the Age of Enlightenment. Before science was a 'thing'. Before electricity was even understood. Its usage in our society is purely for thought control. Religion is the theft of your personal journey. Your adherence to any religion is giving up your power to charlatanism.


There are such clear records of the consequences of abandoning one's primary faith path to adhere to a cult-like mob such as the Peoples Temple, Branch Davidians, Heaven's Gate, fundamentalist Mormon offshoots, Scientology, and other smaller but no less poisonous groups. Those records are not pretty; they involve murder, suicide, harsh discipline, threats, kidnappings, banishments, confusion and chaos, sexual abuse, assets seized, isolation from supportive family and friends--the list goes on and on. If a person survives all the assaults on their physical being, there are still the psychological damages and destruction that do not simply disappear on their own, but must be treated. The scars remain in the shape of the inability to hold a job, partner in a relationship, make decisions, take responsibility for one's life and actions, words, and feelings. That is where those who have given their Jesus his walking papers, proffered the pink slip to their god and twisted their loyalty, worship, and dependency onto an extremely broken creature are headed at an ever-increasing speed. They will find they cannot function in the world as they did before or during their rapturous fascination with evil. Loss, abandonment, anger, fear, disillusionment, confusion, depression, anxiety, aimlessness, hopelessness, isolation--this becomes their life experience. Where will we get the deprogrammers for these "lost souls?"