Americans With A Future Love Obama, Old People Love The Corpse of Reagan. POLL

Across all age groups, Obama comes out on top as the best president. Trump? Not so much.

The Pew Research Center recently ran a poll asking the question “Which president has done the best job during your lifetime?” The consensus? President Barack Obama by a whopping 44%.

The runners up included Bill Clinton in second place with 33%, and Ronald Reagan in third place with 32%. Donald Trump, who is less than halfway through his first term as president, came in at a dismal 19%.

The survey was conducted between the dates of June 5th and June 12th with just over 2,000 people being polled. Those surveyed were asked to give their first and second choices. Reagan was the supreme choice for those that considered themselves Republican, Trump being second choice in that category. Obama was the first or second pick when the responder identified as Democrat, he also took the top spot for the majority of Millennials.

For those in the older age groups, baby boomers and the silent generation, JFK scored a decently coming in third place for those aged 54-72 and in second place for those 73 and up. However, Obama still scored relatively high in those age groups as well. Trump on the other hand, didn't rate very well in any age group.