Americans in the UK Warned to Lay Low, Anti-Trump Protests May "Become Violent"

With 50,000 people already on board to protest Trump's visit, expats have been warned to "keep a low profile"

On Friday July 13th, Trump is headed to London to meet with the Queen and other English officials, and the U.K. has a special welcome demonstration planned, the giant Baby Trump balloon that will be flying over the city. Due to the number of protests expected, however, the U.S. Embassy is warning Americans living or visiting in London to “keep a low profile” for the duration of the Trump visit.

The large-scale protests are expected to occur starting Thursday and carrying on through Sunday. U.S. officials are worried the demonstrations will “attract large crowds” that are not only anti-Trump but also anti-American as well.

Americans have been warned to “exercise caution” and watch for gatherings “that may become violent” while Trump is in town on his 3-day visit that will start in London and end in Scotland. Upwards of 50,000 people have already signed up to attend the Friday protest where the Baby Trump will fly high.

Read more about the warnings, U.S. embassy warns Americans to 'keep a low profile' in London during Trump visit written by Joshua Hafner posted by USA Today on July 10, 2018