Alt-Right hate groups disintegrate amid lawsuits, arrests and trailer park brawl

“The Empire struck back,” says Richard Spencer as he faces lawsuits and watches his cohorts go to jail.

​Alt-right was a term made up by Richard Spencer to describe the white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and far-right extremists in attempt to make it sound more palatable to the mainstream, and although they may have been feeling on top of the world when Trump was calling them “good people” and encouraging their bigoted ways, the movement has hit a bit of a rough patch of late.

Spencer had to cancel his college tour due to a violent clash at one of his poorly attended speeches in March. Besides he is also busy with lawsuits no lawyers will help with and trying to raise money for the cause which is exceptionally hard after being blocked by mainstream internet platforms.

The white nationalists saw another setback recently when one of their most recognizable leaders, Matthew Heimbach, was sentenced to jail time for violating probation and was also exposed as being a part of some incestuous trailer park love triangle.

Andrew Anglin, founder of a neo-Nazi website, lost his domain when Google and GoDaddy blocked his web address. Then Twitter stepped up and banned accounts for a few other racists: Tim Gionet and Jared Taylor. White nationalist talk show host, Christopher Cantwell, earned a few felony charges for his tiki-torch march in Virginia.

Spencer discussed the setbacks, saying:

"I don't want to sound like a nerd, but the Empire struck back and figured out ways of scuttling what we were doing."

Let’s hope the “Empire” sends these bigots scuttling back under the rocks where they belong.

Read more, “Racist 'alt-right' movement reeling after string of setbacks” written by Michael Kunzelman and Dylan Lovan and posted by Chron on May 15, 2018