Alex Jones exploits school shooting to sell guns for Spikes Tactical

Remember, this is a man the president considers a friend and good information source.

Trump’s buddy Alex Jones promoted an assault weapon by Spikes Tactical targeting liberals during the active shooting yesterday. The tweet is still live. These people have no soul.

Jones was personally thanked by Trump for helping him win the election by drumming up gun wackos when he claimed the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and a plot to take away guns. He also claimed that Hillary Clinton is a literal demon who smells like sulphur and has a child sex trafficking ring. This resulted in a shooting at Comet Pizza in DC, because Jones has a fervent and loyal following that hang on his every word. You may have seen your local creepy van driving around with one of his infowars stickers on it.

Yesterday, Jones tweeted this image during the Parkland Florida school shooting:

​It depicts a firearm from Spikes Tactical with custom engravings, “Snowflake” and “Libturd, Safe Space, Triggered” painted on it. Jones continued to tweet about the school shooting with a bloody video from inside the school and of course his own conspiracy lies about the shooter’s clothing being ISIS inspired, despite the shooter wearing a MAGA hat and two different US Army hats on Instagram. Jones is also saying the shooter said Allahu Akbar, when the full quote is Islamaphobic, "at least we now know what it means when a sand durka says 'allahu Akbar.'"

As for Spikes Tactical, the beneficiaries of the gun advertisement that Jones posted 2 hours after 17 people were gunned down, aside from common decency, does Spikes Tactical think they are helping the 2A argument? Does Spikes Tactical think this is good marketing for 2A rights? Spikes Tactical has not responded to requests for a comment by email, phone or tweet, but posted this on Twitter at 10pm on the day of the shooting:

As of 2/15/18 at Noon, the Tweet by Alex Jones is still live and still gaining likes. By the way, I believe people should have the right to own guns but these assault rifles are ridiculous and should go away.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca