Alex Jones: Dems To Launch Civil War on July 4th. Sarah Silverman: This is a lie

You too can save America from Civil War by buying "Brain Force" from Alex Jones! Now only 50% of regular $39.95 price...

So, last night during his usual half-an-hour-long rant on camera Alex Jones warned America about the Democrats launching the Second Civil War on Fourth of July. Sarah Silverman is lately on a campaign to neutralize haters with a weapon more powerful than a million burns: empathy. She tweeted back.

InfoWars like many other conservative websites are part of the entire industry that perfected parting the gullible from their money. As always in the middle of the agitated prophecy - Alex Jones pushes the 50% sale of InfoWars merchandise including, I kid you not, the brain and penile dysfunction remedies!

Flip the switch and supercharge your state of mind with the all-new Brain Force PLUS: 20% more capsules and a critically enhanced formula featuring a brand new ingredient and increased potency*

It's not an accident that you rarely see "patriotic" gadgets and garments on liberal sites. Ads targeting preppers and "real" gold coins are never served to liberals. We don't buy that stuff. There are so many Web operators who abuse the gullibility of the same population segment who "bought" #MAGA from Donald J. Trump

The Second Civil War prophecy ​appears to be like the Second Coming of Jesus... believed to be absolutely true, however all the repeated prophecies have the same accuracy like predictions of the End of The World. How many of those did you live through?

Alex Jones is one of the most famous conspiracy theorists in America, calling events like the Sandy Hook shooting, the Apollo moon landing, and 9/11 "false flags."

Remember the end of "Pizzagate?" In March 2017 Alex Jones had to apologize to the owner of a Washington, D.C., pizzeria for spreading the fake story last year that linked the restaurant to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and human trafficking.

Jones, as the Austin, Texas-based host of Infowars.com, has a long history of pushing wild and false conspiracy theories, such as claiming that the U.S. government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks or the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, was a hoax. He is currently being sued by several families of the victims

But in a rare backtracking mea culpa, Jones apologized for his role in promoting the baseless “Pizzagate” story that went viral among right-wing bloggers and media sites during the 2016 presidential campaign.

One of his biggest fans? Donald Trump. The Bloomberg Profile video below looks at how Alex Jones went from extremist fringe to a major source of information for the president of the United States.

If you don't think 9/11 was an inside job you are braindead.