Aides tried to explain how Amazon works with PowerPoint, but Trump's still lost

I wonder what they'll try next, finger paints?

The Orange Dick-tator is utterly unaware of how Amazon (or the post office) actually works, despite a series of flashy blinky picture shows put together by his staff. In a litany of unhinged Tweets this week that rocked the stock market, Trump showed he didn’t absorb any of their carefully crafted information. He doesn’t understand that no tax dollars go to the post office, or even remember that Amazon pays taxes. Is he too stupid, too stubborn or too vindictive? Maybe all of the above.

Early in his administration his staff realized he was churning out misinformation about how Amazon operated. They realized he was so dense that only a PowerPoint filled with colorful pictures might persuade him to absorb some facts. They explained that Amazon was not dodging taxes or abusing the Post office. Trump’s recent Tweets show that plan didn’t work. Maybe a dancing Russian bear got Trumpy’s attention.

The other hypothesis, backed up by multiple sources close to the Toddler-in-Chief, is that Trumpy is personally pissed off at the Washington Post’s coverage of him. He is attacking Amazon to get even for unflattering stories. Jeff Bezos does own the Post, but, as publisher Frederick J. Ryan Jr. said, “Jeff has never intervened in a story. He’s never critiqued a story. He’s not directed or proposed editorials or endorsements.”

Never mind facts, or the stock market losses, Trumpy’s feewings got HURTY, though.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

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