According to BP, a massive oil spill is just what we need to boost the economy

As shocking as this is, it's NOT fake news.

According to BP, a massive oil spill would be good for the economy. Nope it’s not fake. BP actually said that. A freedom of information request revealed comments made by British Petroleum during their bid to destroy a stretch of gorgeous Australian coast for cheap short term gains. The oil industry just keeps proving they have no morals, no sanity and no limit to their depravity.

In the bid to drill, BP admitted that they would interrupt the feeding migration of endangered whales. They also admit that a spill would pollute 460 miles of shoreline. Good news though, cleanup activity would be a “welcome boost to local economies,“ and a diesel spill would be “socially acceptable.” Dead coral reefs? No problem because the local diner will get a nice bump. Cancer? Ecological collapse? Aren’t you glad we rolled into town with our fancy credit cards? BP’s bid is filled with all sorts of other economic boosters such as disregard for safety and health risks, sure to be seen as a boost to hospitals and Doctor’s bottom line.

Ceduna Mayor Allan Suter said BP’s statement was “an incredibly stupid thing to say—it certainly wouldn't have been a welcomed boost the local economy, we could have done very nicely thank you very much without it.” In response to being found out to be the major scumbags we all knew they were, a BP spokesman said “this material doesn’t represent the final views of BP.” This embarrassing view, by the way, came to light only after BP dodged a freedom of information request for two years. First the Aussie government claimed the "right person" was on leave, then BP sued, then BP delayed the trial two times. Sounds like people who have nothing to hide.

The BP plan was rejected, but now a Norwegian company who was a partner in BP’s flawed plan has taken over the lease. Now they are acting like they are new to the game and weren’t part of the whole shit show from the start. Jacques-Etienne Michel, Australian manager said that Statoil “will only undertake drilling activity if we can do it safely.” As we all know, the only safe oil drilling is no oil drilling, and Australia’s gorgeous coast shouldn’t be up for grabs.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more on this read, "Massive Oil Spill ‘Welcome Boost’ to Economy, Says BP" written by Davis Brennan for Newsweek on April 6, 2018.