47% of voters say they would NOT choose candidate who supports impeaching Trump

This is the kind of stuff that should keep us all up at night.

There is not necessarily a “blue wave” or as some really overly-optimistic liberals like to say a “blue tsunami” coming. There could be 8 years of Trump, and there could be a Republican sycophant congress to eviscerate Social Security/Medicare, strip away women’s rights, and pollute the planet if people don’t actually register and vote. A new poll by NPR, PBS, and Marist confirms this dour prediction.

A shocking 47% of voters said they would not support candidates that would impeach Trump. That means, as usual, Democrat and liberal-leaning people aren’t registering to vote in the numbers we need. Only 42% of registered voters said they would vote for candidates promising impeachment, with 10% unsure. Even as evidence and pressure mounts from Robert Mueller’s investigation, these are the sad numbers. Even as Trumps approval rating is a low 40% these are the sad numbers. Even with Democrats holding a 5% lead now, these are the sad numbers, and we still have 7 months of uncertainty to go until the midterm election.

The poll did show most Americans agree on reforming issues that liberals have been pushing like guns, healthcare, immigration and even "the wall." On gun legislation, most Americans see this as a priority. None of this policy can be left to Republicans though. As we’ve seen, in the hands of the GOP only a flaccid hand-wringing law or worse, a dangerous one like Florida’s law allowing teachers to be armed will ever pass. 72% of people want to reform health insurance, and can you imagine how a Republican congress newly secure in their seats would handle this?

And while only 52% of Republicans even see “the wall” as a priority, but a Trump Congress capitulates to this demand. Finally, what about vulnerable people? Immigrants under DACA have overwhelming support from most Americans, and yet a GOP Congress uses them as a football in they jock games.

Despite the fact that 59% of people don’t have confidence in the president, there’s gerrymandering, voter suppression efforts, and a whole 7 months to be filled with leaked documents about soup recipes which are really secret code for child blood. 7 months of fake news yet to go. 70% of people have no confidence in journalists, the very people who might uncover the real money fueled corruption the GOP is steeped in.

So... y’all better get your liberated Auntie Bettie to the damn polls and get your environmentalist niece Karen (and all your damn "voting doesn’t matter" liberal friends) registered to vote. Do not be complacent.

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more about these scary numbers read, "Poll: 47 percent of voters won’t back candidate who supports impeaching Trump” for PBS News Hour on April 18, 2018.