2-year-old shoots 8-year-old brother after being left in car with loaded handgun

How can we keep calling these "accidents"?

A father in Baton Rouge left his children unattended in a car with a loaded handgun. The two-year-old little boy found the gun, and then he accidentally shot his 8-year-old brother.

Fortunately, the gunshot wound was on the little boy’s upper arm and is not life threatening. This accident could have ended in a much more tragic manner. The boy was brought to a local hospital and treated for his wounds.

There is no information yet on whether or not the father will be charged for endangering his children.

A note to our readers: When trying to find more information on this case, we Googled “2 year old shoots brother." If you don’t think we have a gun problem in this country, we implore you to Google that sentence and read through the results for yourselves.

Read more about the tragic accident, “Police: Louisiana 2-year-old accidentally shot 8-year-old brother in car” posted by WWLTV on April 26, 2018.