11 Mormon employees quit after first female mayor elected in Utah town

All because they refuse to work for some uppity woman.

A tiny but significant victory against Theocratic rulership is unfolding in the most unlikely of places, deep in the belly of Mormon control. For the first time in Hildale Utah’s 100 year history, a woman was elected Mayor. To add insult to the Theocratic stronghold, she isn’t a member of the local cult either!

Hildale, Utah Mayor Donia Jessop

Donia Jessup was sworn in a few weeks ago marking a new era of town leadership. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a fringe Mormon sect run by infamous Warren Jeffs no longer holds the reigns. Jeff’s is currently in jail for child sexual assault after a widely publicized trial. He has 70 wives, his sect promotes child’s marriages, and makes women wear pioneer dresses and weird poofy hair.

The presence of the scary lady woman mayor has caused 11 city employees who are members of the Mormon cult to resign in protest. One said specifically, his religion prevents him from “following a woman, and from serving on a board with apostates.” Donia Jessup is kinder than most, saying of the resignations “it’s not personal, they are just following what they believe.” I say good riddance!

By Being Liberal contributor: Sarah Ficca

For more read: “11 Hildale city employees resign, at least one because of religious beliefs” by Cody Blowers for St. George News, February 9, 2018.