You TRUMP SUPPORTERS, put the abomination in the white house. His hatred and bigotry fuel your sick desires for dominance and segregation. You placed a hateful dictator in the position of global leader. I only pray that the same divine forces that heal a massive wound, destroy a virus and restore the land after a catastrophe can undo what this monster that you unleashed, does to this country. The people who sit silently now will rise like a tide and wash this poison from our nation but until then YOU, the TRUMP SUPPORTER, the ENABLERS will bear the blame and be washed, too, by the tide.

The Paris accord is not perfect. It puts a great burden on the United States and costs fossil fuel industries their futures. With that said, the Paris Accord is a pledge for the salvation of the future of our planet, our species…our children. The accord is a beginning to start a great stone rolling the right direction. The Paris Accord is an agreement that states the global community comprehends the damage done by the interference of mankind to our earth. The accord put a direction to a long overdue movement. The co-signers stand as one to change the future, a future based on healing the wounds humanity has inflicted.

The reason the U.S. was a signatory was to show by example that even if money would be lost, industries would crumble as new industries developed, great changes and sacrifice would be pledged and paid…for the greater good. FOR THE GREATER GOOD! We all, each and every soul that lives or has ever lived has an obligation to sacrifice for the greater good.

When Trump pulled the U.S. commitment from the agreement, he did so to protect the short-term death of his mega-rich friends and associates in the fossil fuel industries. He did so to protect the greed and happiness of those that would destroy our future and lie smiling in their graves having lived privileged lives of luxury and comfort. Their concern for the future of humanity is none-existent and neither is Trump’s.

He does not speak for me. I love our children and pray for them, and their children and so on. I am not alone. Having lived in America, I consider myself privileged even if I worked every day of my life for that advantage. I know that I have friends, neighbors and fellow Americans that feel the same as I do. I know there are good people worldwide who feel the same too.

I pray that one day a new and more effective plan comes together to right the wrongs that humanity has committed against the planet…but for now I pray that the U.S. gets back into the Paris Accord and leads the world to a better future.

Wm. J. Castello

U.S. Citizen