Singer-songwriter Releases Peaceful Plea During Dystopian Times

"Machine Age" has been called "the first truly great song to come at the expense of the world's collective sanity."

With "Machine Age,” Terra Naomi reclaims her place in the cultural zeitgeist, first established ten years ago with her viral hit “Say It’s Possible.”

A meditation on the culture shock of post-election America, “Machine Age” was written in under an hour, drawing on her year of anger, outrage, fear, depression, and anxiety resulting not just from the election but also something closer to home. Upon the announcement of their wedding, several of her husband's close relatives refused to celebrate the marriage, citing "religious reasons" and claiming the union went "against their faith" -- in their eyes, Naomi and her husband, a transgender man, were "two girls getting married."

The track came as a sudden burst, explains Terra: “This song was written from beginning to end in under an hour. I didn’t intend to write it — was in the shower, getting ready to go out, and this line came into my head, with the melody...and I jumped out of the shower, got my guitar, and it basically wrote itself. I didn’t know what I’d written until I went back and read the words I’d typed was the result of over a year of sadness, emotional exhaustion, and anger, often turned inward, resulting from the election of our president and the societal changes I experience every day. The news, the human rights violations that have become so commonplace that we are now desensitized to them.”

"Machine Age," released on January 19, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the election, is both a meditation and an anthem; a song of protest and unity, that journeys through a wide range of emotions and ultimately urges us to choose love over hate.