One White Wish

American statues need to represent our history, I agree. Furthermore, we need to represent that history accurately.

I wish I were a zillionaire; I would send out a call to all artists to create statues of slaves by the dozens. I would…

Now this is where it gets crazy. There are actually modern day white people that think they have a right to be butthurt about the expectation to care about the atrocities that slaves were forced to endure. For those white people: How many of your children or other family members have been suddenly whisked away and "sold" only to never be seen or heard from again? Any memories of this? Worries about this? How many times have you gone to work a 80 hour week knowing there was no paycheck or retirement... ever? How about 115 hour work weeks? Memories? How many times were you whipped until near death and permanently scarred for learning to read and write? Or have your foot amputated with a handsaw for leaving your property? Worries this could happen? Do you get chained underground at dusk? Often, sometimes, or never?