It is increasingly difficult to see past Ring One's plethora of clown cars with their Twitter smoke bomb exhausts and ice cream truck music. Ring two showcases Congress in lion tamer garb waving their whips at our rights and security. It is no surprise that Ring three is seldom observed. Sadly, this sideshow offers a glimpse of Trump dabbling in Fascist magic tricks and the real threat of nuclear war. The circus, I'm afraid, is well underway. However, nuclear war makes the rest of the show irrelevant. Caitlin Johnstone reviews John Pilger's essay "How the World May End" and asks an important question. I highly recommend both. Reading perspectives from outside the country may be difficult for some Americans, but I kindly ask that we try with wide open eyes and minds. https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/serious-question-have-you-done-everything-in-your-power-to-prevent-this-7ecd40889309