I Love My Racist Grandpa

We come up with new labels every day. Popular labels earn a bandwagon. Jump on a bandwagon and other doors close. It is the perfect recipe for division.

I am not usual, in almost all the ways. I do poorly on multiple choice tests. I see all possibilities. There is no left…
I find the good guy/ bad guy movies to be sorely lacking. There are few instances in life where one is all good or all bad. I can almost always find at least one positive thing each person brings to the world. Donald Trump is an easy example of an exception. Along those same lines, all people are flawed. But few are willing to admit their own flaws.  There are days where I am disappointed in humanity, and in the apathy of many of our citizens- especially before the election.Some days the disappointment is in me. I began counting my blessings some time ago, but only recently realized the size of my white privilege. I knew I was not racist, so I guess the problem was solved on my end? I do not know what I thought, but I should have known better.