Get America Back Again

A frustrated third party voter from Florida has launched a brand in response to the well known red MAGA hats.

My name is Doc and I have an interesting story. It started with the race between Gore and Bush in 2000. I sent an…

Fast forward to the 2016 post election protests. I am standing on the street with my Anonymous mask and my sign that says, "Abolish The Electoral College," when I am approached by a local news crew. Having been asked why I was there, I told them that I had been there for 16 years and that these people just caught up to me. Now, feeling twice as bitter as I was in 2000, I had an insatiable urge to do something that would reach a large number of people. Something symbolic. At one point during a conversation about "MAGA" and their obnoxious red hats, I expressed that I felt as though America was already great. Then I said I felt like America has been bought and sold by a greasy businessman and that I wish we could "get America back again."