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Get America Back Again

A frustrated third party voter from Florida has launched a brand in response to the well known red MAGA hats.

My name is Doc and I have an interesting story. It started with the race between Gore and Bush in 2000. I sent an absentee ballot from California to Florida that year. If you know anything about that election you will remember that between hanging chads and recounts, my vote was probably not worth much in 2000. I was very disappointed having felt excitement that I voted in a Presidential election for the first time, only to be left with the feeling that I was living in a paper democracy, just as I had feared.

Fast forward to the 2016 post election protests. I am standing on the street with my Anonymous mask and my sign that says, "Abolish The Electoral College," when I am approached by a local news crew. Having been asked why I was there, I told them that I had been there for 16 years and that these people just caught up to me. Now, feeling twice as bitter as I was in 2000, I had an insatiable urge to do something that would reach a large number of people. Something symbolic. At one point during a conversation about "MAGA" and their obnoxious red hats, I expressed that I felt as though America was already great. Then I said I felt like America has been bought and sold by a greasy businessman and that I wish we could "get America back again."

As soon as I said it out loud I noted that "Get America Back Again!" could be abbreviated as GABA! Then I pictured people chanting "GABA GABA HEY, GABA GABA NOW!" Right then I decided I had to launch a brand if I wanted to get a blue GABA hat in the way of every red "MAGA" hat. It's a perfect way to affect a positive change in a peaceful, nonpartisan fashion. GABA is not associated with any political group. It is simply a battle cry for anyone who is convinced America is already great and who is tired of hearing the United States of America put down and insulted. .

Since that first day I have dedicated my time to starting the GABA Revolution. "Get America Back Again!" is just a slogan, but it could change America!

Please Google "GABA Get America Back Again!" for links to different groups and the GABA STORE. And please get your GABA hat and recruit your friends! GABA GABA HEY!

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