Emilio Esteves's new movie champions the homeless in Cincinnati, but there is a disturbing catch.

The Public was filmed on location at the downtown Cincinnati Library. It's about a group of homeless patrons who occupy the library after a bitter arctic blast and the staff that supports them. In real life though, the bankers that run this library, are planing to sell half of it for profit.

Whoa, there's a new movie coming out called The Public that takes place at the Cincinnati Public Library that was even…

In a chilling twist of events, however, the real life Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County library board has voted to sell half of their downtown building where this movie was filmed. With no public or staff input, the administration is claiming this is just a move to "increase efficiencies" and reduce their "security footprint." In actuality, by removing 156,000 sq ft of public space, they are cutting off access to the many homeless people their library is also supposed to serve. Instead of increasing services to help patrons with no homes (that they claim need so much security), they want to sell the North Building to developers who are excited about the opportunity to capitalize on prime downtown real estate. Oh, and did we mention that this library board is filled with bankers and other corporate interests that directly include the development consultancy they used to justify this plan to begin with? And were they afraid this movie would happen in real life, if they didn't remove such a significant amount of public space where marginalized people actually feel safe?