Wait, Was Nas Talking About Meek Mill?

Nas went off...but why and who was he talking about in the now-infamous birthday rant?

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is interesting. Nas didn’t say no names. BUT, we see clearly that he and Nicki Minaj are still going strong. The legendary rapper recently celebrated his birthday and clearly got drunk on that revered day. In that tirade, he said rappers were all female genitalia! He was loud and brash! Something set Nas off and we cannot quite figure it out. Lonzo Ball doesn’t rap. Who could he be talking about?!?! What is interesting is that Jay has been embracing Meek, and Meek’s new album is pretty dope. He’s winning right now. Could Nas have some Meek in him? Remember how Meek was to Safaree? I don’t see God’s son like that, but there was a lot of animosity in his voice! LOL!

Don't get Meek back in the gym, Nas!

I wonder what Nicki thinks about all of this?

She sure seems happy with Nas. And vice versa.

you clowns stay reeeaaachhhing! foh!

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who you calling a clown, clown! @digupinem

How do you stop your rivals number 1 song. Bang the dude who owns the beat.

lmaoo, yess, that is a classic move and I aint mad at Nicki for that. Her raps is trash so might as well put that pussy on a pedestal


Nas! The GOAT by Tom Brady