K. Michelle's "New Face" Has Everybody Talking!

K. Michelle has gone under the knife before and some say she's done it again.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The way the world is these days, you can't always tell who is who and what is what. With celebs, its a bit different. Singer K. Michelle is a very pretty woman, but the recent talk is about what she's done to her face. She once was a very beautiful brown woman with a big booty. After a while, she decided to dump that butt and get a reduction. I didn't like that, but her body was still a work of art.

But now, she's got everybody's attention for this new face she's sporting on social media. At first, I thought it was a skin lightening app or filter. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....this issa thing! Check it!

I hope she's not going through some self loathing stuff!

self hate at its greatest

Wtf? She was just fine. Hollyweird getting to weak minds. A weave is one thing but all this surgery smh...... damn shame man.....she has on a I'm beautiful shirt BUT needs surgery to believe it? Wow.....

Whoever this is she is fine.

she looks good there just lighter, but she does lookdifferent

Black women running around getting their skin bleached and wearing long blonde wigs and then get upset when black men date white women!! If im going to get a women with light skin and blonde hair im going to get the real thing!! Not a cheap imitation. Yall need to stop the spit!!

Wtf!!!beautiful woman inside and out well at least I thought on the inside why???do women do that to urself it's sad to see beautiful women just feel like they need to have the big butts light skin and surgery to change ur what???smh so sad

This is on us black men. When you got half-homos like XXX whoever, Young Slut and Kodak White praising light skin every chance they get, this is what happens. SMH.