Ice Cube Has Something He’d Tell Pac To His Face

What song was better? "Hit Em Up" or "No Vaseline"? Well, Ice Cube certainly has his view.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There are things and there are non-things. Both Pac and Ice Cube are legendary dudes in their own way. They share another honor as well: they both have top-tier diss records. Ice Cube had “No Vaseline” and Tupac had “Hit ‘Em Up,” both of which mortally wounded their enemies (NWA and Biggie Smalls). But which was better? Cube says he would tell his Cali counterpart that his was better if he was alive. I’d have to agree with him on that. What do you think?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a blow pop -sus all on the grass in between we all hit the azz -sus 1 pussy and 13 dicks gangsters dont dance man we boogie niggas go out and get yo 🍪 cookies -sus

Gettn F@@ked by mista shet packer! Classic, dealt with the core issue who was exploiting Hip-Hop...Gota nothing for you Tobie, you use to be my homie! No vas was the blue print no doubt. Also the diss track on Common, " I can see the Bitch in you" top five!

OOOPs, I meant the track Common did on Cube:" I can see the Bitch in you". Commons diss should be considered top five.

The Bridge is over - KRS-1

Backdown - 50 Cents, Ether- Nas, Takeover- Jay-Z, No Vaseline- Ice Cube, The bitch in you- Common, Even Dre day- Dr. Dre, then Hit Em Up- Tupac

Actually cool j birth the dissing when he took out Moe d, ice t and hammer

Kool Moe Dee Birthed this shit when he went at Busy Bee. The fact it was a Cube solo track, takes the win for me..I'd give second place to Common dissing Cube, that shit was gold.

I remember the first time i hear No Vasaline!! I was like, them niggas are done!!

What did PAC say. Puffy some mark A B's. Weak heart I rip. Don't wanna mess with real G'z. I slept with his wife. Outlawz tell them what time it is. Not even close. That mess was wack to any person who enjoyed lyrics and not just bravado. He left out the dudes that actually shot him for a reason.

If you believe PAC. Who Shot Ya was a better diss.