Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Wale Disrespect Hip-Hop Journalist Amanda Seales a.k.a. Amanda Diva?

MMG rapper Wale has allegedly confronted “Hip Hop POV” host, Amanda Seales, over some remarks she made about him on her Twitter, and according to Ms. Seales, who was previously known as “Amanda Diva,” Wale went off on her.

by Sydney Lace

Wale and Amanda came head-to-head at Wale’s Roots Picnic performance in Philadelphia this past weekend, where Wale allegedly walked up to Amanda and began yelling in her face. According to MediaTakeOut’s version, witnesses to the confrontation say that Wale allegedly called her a “bum bitch” and allegedly threatened to punch her in the face. Check out Amanda Seales’ account of the incident with Wale:

“I keep being told to “not sweat” that @Wale came in my face trying to fight me ovr a tweet. Y in hip hop do we excuse such behavior? Were I to get an apology then perhaps.But it shld be known that dude is completely out of line with women on a regular basis. Folks say “we expect that from him”. But what does that mean? It’s ok bcuz we all kno of the regularity of such behavior”

In hip hop women r always expected to “be cool” abt completely out of line behavior from our male counterparts. No dice.

At some point, in an intrvw, some1 will ask 4 the whole @wale “tweet fight” story & I’ll gladly tell it. Bcuz it’s part of a bigger issue…”

We hear Wale also allegedly threatened that he was going to tweet out her romantic relationships with various entertainers. Amanda later deleted her tweets. Was it right for Wale to get all up in her face like that over a tweet?

Welp, we were at the Roots Picnic, and we definitely heard that Wale wiled out! So…what’s up with these two???