Does Meek Mill Have his Nicki Replacement?

It has to be tough dating somebody like Nicki Minja. Where do you go from there? Meek needs to find him a scientist or something.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Somebody smart! At any rate, there is new intel suggesting that he’s found his new “bae” in Dubai. I mean, why do we care? I don’t know, but this is what people are talking about. This babe from Dubai looks good enough. It seems like a random fan pic to me, but check it out.

I don’t know where people get this stuff from. She and Meek took a picture. What’s more interesting is it seems like Ameriie is in the boy Meek’s eyeline. This is where I draw the line! You stay away from her, Buddy.

How did Ameriie just add another “I” to her name. Maybe somebody was messing up her google images.

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