Whitey took over the site and it ain't the same. Type a comment and the shit is not under the actual story...smh

How you gonna try to correct me you square ass nigga...Yea cuz niggaz like me punk niggaz like you.....and it's crip not cryp with yo square ass lol....that tells me what kind of busta you are....You quote bun b which is a nigga like me so what you saying bitch...

That's right nigga recognize always to the left bitch ass nigga? How old am I? What kind of nigga concerned with another niggaz age. Any other emotional niggaz want to chime in? Niggaz defending niggaz and riding diccs soft was
niggaz miss me with that shit. A bum? Lmao....nigga if you only new....like I told the last nigga trying to pop his gums at a nigga shut yo bitch ass up nigga...ha ha you sensitive niggaz love to run yo mouth at a nigga you don't know....comment not be original topic other than that hush nigga.

*soft ass

*comment on the original topic

Man love would be great in this thread I, just saying went from topic to toxic real quick. Please try

Maven gotta do better.... I shouldnt be able to click on to negative feedback as soon as I visit the site... top comment section is the same size as the article section.