New Evidence Could Free Big Truck; Rapper Faces 25 Years

Big Truck, a former member of Busta Rhyme’s entourage who feuded with the rapper in 2008 is attempting to appeal a September conviction for assault and robbery in Albany, New York.

(AllHipHop News) Big Truck, born William Robinson, was recently convicted of a violent encounter in Albany in January of 2010, shortly after moving to nearby Schenectady, from his hometown in Long Island, New York.The rapper, 37, was accused of slashing the face of Richard Garcia and giving the man permanent scars, during the violent altercation. During his trial in September, Big Truck testified that he reacted in self-defense, when two men attempted to rob him in the early morning hours. New testimony from two men, including the victims nephews, has surfaced, which could allow Big Truck to walk free. According to the Times Union, Jalil Miles, 17, is Richard Garcia’s nephew. He claims that Garcia, admitted that he was slashed in the face several times after he and another man attempted to rob Big Truck and bashed him on the side of the head with a pole. “My uncle asked me to help him find the person who cut his face and get revenge,” Miles said in the court document. “I refused to help him because I knew that what he tried to do was wrong and that the facial cuts he got were brought on by my uncle by his own wrongful actions.”Miles, 17, is currently jailed on a murder charge. Another man claimed that Garcia, who has an extensive criminal record, had a similar conversation with him as well and both men are willing to testify. Big Truck is slated to be sentenced to 8-25 years in prison, unless the new evidence is considered and the judge orders a new trial.At one point, Big Truck was a member of Busta Rhyme’s Flipmode Squad, but the pair had a falling out. Big Truck, who has allegedly starting recording Gospel rap, has also reconciled with Busta Rhymes, according to reports.