Murda Mamis Step Up Front

Hip-Hop collectives typically sport a token female to fill their group quota, but only the Murda Mamis can lay claim to an all-female roster that encompasses many aspects of the culture.

by Jigsaw

“Murda Mami entertainment is a clique of

girls, its like a movement,” DJ Lazy K, co-CEO of the organization, told “We support each other’s talent. We have rappers, singers,

models and I’m the DJ. We are all women supporting each other and showing

our skills to the world.

“You see us everywhere.” Indeed, Lazy

informed that their ranks span across the nation and include some very high-profile

ladies in the music industry.

These women include Rah Digga, Terror Squad’s

Remy Martin, Gloria Velez, La La from MTV and Kim Osorio from The Source Magazine.

“The list goes on and on and on,” Lazy said. “Its like a big


First Lady El, co-CEO, said their ranks also

included DJ’s in major markets like Sunny from New York’s Hot 97,

Nina Chantel from 103 The Beat in Miami, Roxy at Hot 97 in Boston, DJ Mami

Chula on Hot 107 in Atlanta, T.T Torrez from Power 104 in Connecticut and DJ Lady Tribe from L.A., Jane Daniels from Wild 102 in Las Vegas, among others.

El said that people often misinterpret the purpose

of the feminine society with the menacing name.

“We do have males that are with us. We don’t

male bash. That’s not what we are about. We are just strong females in

Hip-Hop making it happen. ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ – that’s

our slogan,” she said.

Hot 97’s Sunny said that she has a natural

synergy with the Lazy K, El and the rest of the Murda Mamis, one that caused

her to gravitate to their cause.

“I can’t say what brought me to [the

Murda Mamis]. Of course, you see Lazy K doing her thing in the streets, but

there are all these other girls that are down with it. Me, as an adult woman,

I have yet to see a group of girls ride as hard as them. I been around the world.

I’m Murda Mami affiliated, but I’m scared of the tattoo,” she

joked. “I told El that she can make me a fake on and I’ll put it one

everyday. “

The group has recently celebrated both high-profile

victory and personal strife.

Member Gloria Velez is currently involved in

a scandal where several men allegedly smuggled pounds of illegal cocaine in

her tour bus.

The rapper wasn’t charged with any crime,

but El said the haters came out quickly.

“People love to bring people down,”

El said. The high-profile incident landed several men in jail, including Velez’


Conversely, the group also saw Terror Squad lyricist

Remy Martin take a $20,000 pot in a rap battle against New Jersey rapper Lady


Sunny even removed herself from the battle as

a judge, because she recognized her own biases towards affiliate Remy Martin.

Lazy K and El aim to leverage the Murda Mami

brand name into many facets of entertainment including production, a record

label, modeling, acting and artist development.

“We are trying to get into everything,”

Lazy said. “The sky is the limit, for real.”