Lonzo Ball: Nobody Listens To Nas; Migos & Future Are Real Hip Hop

The new Los Angeles Lakers point guard once again offers his opinions about a rap icon.

(AllHipHop News) Lonzo Ball's opinions about Hip Hop have led to some older fans of the culture to give the Los Angeles Lakers rookie the side-eye.

In July, Ball caught some backlash when he tweeted that 21 Savage's Issa Album is superior to Jay-Z's 4:44.

The 19-year-old point guard should expect even more negative reactions from 90's heads after his statements about another rap icon from the era.

During the premiere of the Ball in the Family reality series, someone from behind the camera said they were going to get Zo to listen to "real Hip Hop" over the course of the show.

"Y'all outdated. Don't nobody listen to Nas no more," replied Lonzo.

The former UCLA Bruins player added, "Real Hip Hop is Migos, Future."

smh....comparing Nas to the migos is like comparing michale jordan to a paraplegic in basketball. How ignorant are kids these days? I can even understand if you like migos over nas for some odd reason, but to say they ARE hiphop and he is NOT when he is MORE hiphop then anyone out right now as well as the past 20yrs!


He will find out everything gets old. Difference is the greats last. Like Nas. The fact he knows Nas should let him know. But hey he likes what he likes. He's wrong, but he likes what he likes. Time will teach him. Keep living young fella. Great ball player too.

Well, he's correct when he says people don't listen to Nas any more. Nas isn't exactly popping on the radio this day and when was the last time he made an album? He's wrong in saying Migos and Future are real hip hop though. These guys are trappers and I feel at this point, trap has moved away so far from hip hop it may as well be its own genre.

Who listens to the radio 😂😂😂😂😂 I know I fucking don't and if your a person that listens to music by what everyone NB else is listening to then your a follower and we dont do those fucking sheep waked the fuck up nas is a great a legend and at 41 years old still better than 95% of this garbage thats out there smh

And you might not listen to nas but there a lot of people in this world that do

He sounding like a lil 90's crack-baby, or an athletic meth-head; but he certainly doesn't know anything about real hip hop...


Lames listen to lames and call other lames "real" __ fill in the blank. This dude hasn't won anything past high school level. Whatever this bum says...

This cat lost his mind. We are taking about hip hop not this pop shit. He does not understand the difference as a result of how he was raised. He went to school with white kids that don't know shit about HIP HOP so how can you blame him? He lived in a privileged neighborhood and probably did not get exposed to underground so there it is. I know kids that live in nice neighborhoods and know about Pac because their mom or dad lived in the hood and passed the music down. The white kids that know about Pac or Nas got exposure from non white friends or their parents hung around brothas.


Sometimes you have to ignore the comments of the ignorant. Yea Migo's and Future are okay but they don't have shyt on real hip hop artist. These emcee's like Jay and Nas are not letting the beat make them... They make the song. That is the difference between the two. You can understand everything word for word. These dudes are wild!!!!


I like when these east coast dick rider prove a point . The young dude said No one listens the nas ANYMORE. Meaning you did listen , now you don't. So now the old heads that still like to to listen to the boom clap style of rapis trying to prove Lonzo wrong by bring up all of nas OLD SHIT. If niggas still listen to nas ,he would be putting out some new music, some new shit that played on the radio. Stream off the internet. Sorry for the grammer and any misspelled word . I don't remember the last time I wanted to listen to nas never liked his music .