Ice Cube Starring In ‘Janky Promoters’

Rapper Ice Cube will star in a new flick for Dimension Films titled Janky Promoters, a comedy that centers around a pair of bumbling promoters who attempt to book a rapper for a show.

A director hasn’t been named for the film, which Dimension CEO Bob Weinstein said will also star a major rapper who plays himself in the comedy.

“This feels a lot like Uptown Saturday Night to me, a caper film where you have these music promoters who are slightly shady but are good enough guys that you root for them,” Weinstein told Daily Variety. “This is going to be R-rated, and it appeals right to the core of Cube’s audience.”

The film will be produced by Matt Alavarez and Ice Cube’s movie production company, Cube Vision Productions.

The rapper took less money upfront, but will share the proceeds of Janky Promoters with Dimension, after the film recoups its budget, which is about $10 million dollars.

“He’s producing the movie, sharing in the funding, so it’s more complicated than previous deals we’ve made with Cube,” Weinstein continued. “He’s a brand, like Tyler Perry, and that’s the direction he’s headed in. We’re happy to assist him in that because we believe in him.”

Casting has begun on Janky Promoters, while filming is slated to start in the early Summer.