Eminem Apologizes For Throwing Water On Playboy Model, Hef Allegedly Not Happy

A recent prank has resulted in Eminem apologizing to one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends after the pair had a nonviolent altercation on a video shoot.

The rapper allegedly doused Kendra Wilkinson with water during a recent video shoot in Los Angeles for Akon’s song "Smack That A**. According to published reports, Eminem came out of his trailer during the video shoot and threw water on Wilkinson, one of the Playboy mogul’s trio of girlfriends who are featured on the E! Television reality series The Girls Next Door, which Hefner also executive produces.Wilkinson’s agent told The New York Post’s Page Six column that Eminem came out of his trailer, "threw water on her and was really disrespectful". "He flipped out on her", Wilkinson’s agent Jonathan Baram told Page Six. "She’s a tough girl. She didn’t take it, and they went at it, not physically but verbally". Wilkinson claimed in the Page Six report that the incident was a joke and that she didn’t want any controversy between her and the platinum-selling rapper. A post on Wilkinson’s official Myspace.com site (myspace.com/kendrawilkinson) shortly after the incident but later removed, was widely circulated on the Internet and revealed more details on the incident.

"The reason for me doing the video wasn’t for the money, it was to make all my fans happy that I finally did a rap video", the 21-year-old Wilkinson wrote. "We all know how much I talk about how much I wanna be in one…right?" Wilkinson said she was accompanied by a friend to the video shoot, where she was greeted by R&B singer Akon. After being greeted by the singer, Wilkinson wrote that she waited in a cafeteria for a number of hours (10) and was finally called in to do her shoot. "We start by doing some warm-ups and I was dancing my a** off (literally) [because] it was my time to shine in front of David Banner, Lil Zane, and a couple other rappers and 100s [hundreds] of people," Wilkinson continued. "Everyone was loving my dancing and makin me feel good. Then Eminem walks in the room. "According to Wilkinson’s account, Eminem entered the room and was cordial. He allegedly said he was a fan of the "The Girls Next Door", and had even purchased a copy of the Sept. issue of Playboy which, he sought to have autographed. "Then we start doing our scene and everything is going good until we go on a break.

"I went over to sit on the couch to rest a lil bit", she wrote. Wilkinson said she was talking to a "really nice guy" sitting next to her when Eminem walked in her direction."I smile and say ‘what’s up’? He takes out a bottle of water and pours it all over me!" Wilkinson alleged. "There goes my makeup, there goes my hair, there goes my tears, and there goes my first rap video!" Despite the incident, both Wilkinson and Eminem have agreed to leave the incident behind them. The rapper sent a blooming bouquet to the Playboy mansion where Wilkinson currently resides, to make amends. And while she may not hate Eminem, Wilkinson wrote that her 80-year-old-flame isn’t too fond of the rapper."Hef [Hugh Hefner] hates him now! So I lived and I learned right?", Wilkinson said. "I will never do a rap video again, unless its Three 6 Mafia, Too $hort, Bow Wow or Nelly!"

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