J French (Kanye's Cousin) - "Different aint Different"

Check out this brand new track by rising rapper J French, who has some interesting connections to Hip-Hop.

Oklahoma City rapper, producer, and formally-trained multi-instrumentalist J French http://www.jfrenchforever.com/ has had a productive year.

His debut album, Jaguar Jesus https://jfrench.bandcamp.com/releases, released almost a year ago to this day, created a considerable regional buzz for the rapper.

Now, French rounds out 2017 having finished his forthcoming sophomore album OGB (Only Gets Better), as well as a collaborative full-length project with former in-house Death Row producer (and father of Hollywood star Demitrius Shipp Jr.) Demitrius "Meech" Shipp Sr.

"Different Ain't Different, the third OGB single, follows the project's first two released earlier this year.

'"Different ain't Different' is about artistry not being as respected as it should. It's about artists not being able to be artists without someone either completely biting them or duplicating their style, which depreciates the value of true artistry. This song is made from pure observation and you can tell by the lyrics." J French.

Listen to "Different Ain't Different":