Street Military fathered 3-6 Mafia ...

Your mad cuz aint nobody here no more that's what u get for being rude grow up

You look like a loser but i don't judge

^ You're a cornball. You live a sad existence, fuck your music

get ur panties out that wadd

atleast im still here ... this is what u get

real niccaz prolly punished yall ....... for being haters

"At least im still here" Like if that's a good thing. You're one of the wackest posters on the forum

You need to get your nose outta the air ........ chill bruh ...alot of kats aint get to keep their name i did

Im not wack yall just on some different shit and don't have patience for other points of view

Im the same way anything u post Ima think is wack